Railway and Guided-transport Engineer

High-speed trains, trams, automatic subway trains – there is constant innovation in the field of guided transport and French know-how is exported throughout the world. Manufacturers and carriers are looking for engineers to develop new vehicles, equipment or services, to shape innovations, monitor manufacturing and maintenance, analyse the feasibility of international contracts, etc. ESTACA is one of the only schools in France offering training specifically dedicated to guided transport.

Specialised training and privileged contact with companies

more than 400 hours of courses are provided by engineers from Alstom, SNCF, RATP, Siemens Transportation Systems, etc.

at least 4 implementation projects are performed during the curriculum, for example:

  • preliminary project on the architecture for a system of guided transport;
  • development of railway braking systems adapted to high-speed;
  • dimensioning of a traction unit

12 months of obligatory work-experience courses, for example:

  • Discovering the company course in 1st year at SNCF: technical maintenance on railway equipment in the braking field;
  • Engineer’s work-experience course in 4th year at SIEMENS TRANSPORT: assistance to the infrastructure manager for activating line B of the Toulouse subway;
  • End-of-studies work-experience course in 5th year at Alstom Transport: comparative study on reliability covering two locomotives.

visits to maintenance sites, test centres and research centres, supplemented with conferences.

Main partners

An association for expressing your interests

Estatrain for railway enthusiasts: the association organises visits to sites, takes part in online tests and plans conferences in the guided-transport sector.

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