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Go abroad - International experience – for ESTACA students

ESTACA students have various possibilities to validate the international criteria for their Engineering Degree. They can conduct an exchange semester, an internship or voluntary work abroad.  


Once students have successfully obtained an exchange destination, secured their internship or voluntary work experience abroad, they can start preparing the international experience. The International Office and Study Administration team are here to guide them through the different processes. Regular meetings and events are organized to inform students about application process, immigration procedures, necessary budget, health insurance… and much more! 


To apply for an international exchange semester, students must meet certain academic prerequisites, including foreign language skills. The eligibility criteria for each destination can be viewed through the information portal.  

Lastly, ESTACA highly encourages students to undertake a period of study or internship abroad: there is no doubt that by immersing themselves in a foreign environment, students are required to step outside their comfort zone and grow! Staying open-minded and seeking to understand why things are done and understood differently elsewhere may become the most empowering memory and asset of their time abroad, and later, in their profession as engineers!  

Student testimonials  

« The experience was incredible; you will have amazing memories. It all depends on the courses you choose but with your schedule and with the amount of required work, you can manage to travel a bit. I recommend it because the country is of extraordinary beauty! »
4th year student, Automotive
Chonnam University, South-Korea
« The welcome of the university was brilliant! Many events are organized by the school as well as by the student associations, too much to make an exhaustive list, but we feel that we are part of the university like the other Swedish students. »
4th year student, Aeronautics
Linköping University, Sweden
« The projects are very concrete and interesting which is a true advantage in our field of studies and will certainly be useful in our future career. Everyone is generally very friendly, and you can address everyone by their first name. Moreover, there are many student associations. »
4th year student, Space
ETS - École de technologie supérieure, Québec Canada
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