Studying at ESTACA

Studying at ESTACA

International Students at ESTACA

ESTACA delivers high quality courses in its major disciplines: Aeronautics, Aerospace, Naval, Automotive and Railway Engineering. Courses are given in French, except for 2 programmes in English. To discover them, please follow the link below:

BDEI : International Students Union

The International Student Union will pay special attention to you, especially on arrival. Your “buddies” will support you with the first formalities: accommodation, phone, public transport…and student life !

The BDEI will also invite you to visit Paris, and learn about French culture.

FLE: French as a Foreign Language

FLE – ‘Français Langue Etrangère’, French as foreign Language is an academic course offered to all international students who are not native French speakers. FLE is not a compulsory course; however, great benefit may be obtained from taking this course.

French courses are available in both semesters, from the beginning of October until the end of May (from 2 to 4 hours per week). For more information about FLE, please contact the International Department.

Computer Rooms

All students have access to all the computer labs at ESTACA.

In order to use computers at ESTACA, the students need to have a username and ESTACA email address. International students will be issued with a student card. It offers students special reduced offers at many theater shows, conferences, sports events…

Career Service

All international students will be part of the alumni network once they complete their study period at ESTACA. The ESTACA Career Service is in charge of helping young engineers to find employment, and provides students with necessary tips to find jobs, such as: strengthening students’ CV and cover letters, helping to target the right companies, analyzing market approach, providing interview simulations, etc.

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