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2018: A new chapter in the history of the ISAE Group

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As per the guidelines of the Act of Association 1901 in France, the ISAE Group is proud to welcome in 2018, the school SUPMECA as their new partner institution. A reputed mechanical engineering school in Saint-Ouen within the Paris region, the new ISAE body propelled itself on the same objective as of the other institutions of the ISAE Group i.e. to promote the occupations and education in the Aerospace.

Since its foundation in 2011, the ISAE Group has affirmed its hold on higher education in Aerospace Engineering fostering a true scientific and pedagogic community. Ensuring in the same time a generous osmose of values based on innovation and openness which equip the future engineers with world class knowledge to face the technological and social-economic challenges of tomorrow in the field of Aerospace.

The year 2018 represents a new horizon for its development.

The Group has decided to restructure itself in an association who will bring many advantages. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Adoption of a rigorous and flexible modus-operandi.
  • Enhanced financial capabilities to sanction more easily the collaborative projects.
  • Improved possibility to welcome new institutional members or partners.

The ISAE Group enlarges its possibilities by the inclusion of SUPMECA (Saint-Ouen, Paris Region).

Turned towards aerospace since many years, SUPMECA wished to grow stronger relations with the 4 other institutions of the ISAE Group to develop shared educational, research and informatics projects and to contribute actively to the promotion and the evolution of the Group.


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ESTACA and the CEA List* have announced the creation of a Common Research Team (ERC) in Engineering, directed by the Models for Transport Systems (MOST). This team’s research looks at evaluating, designing, analysing and optimising the hardware/software architectures of transport systems. For example, some of the research looks at the development of new analyses based on the models, including extra-functional properties such as energy consumption and reliability. This work will find applications in a variety of transport systems (automobile, rail, aeronautics and space). Examples are driver-assistance and self-driving systems, automatic rail or aeronautic piloting systems, and drones.

The new team is comprised of four scientists from the CEA List and four from ESTACA LAB, and will be sharing their resources: experiment platforms and modelling, analysis and simulation tools. The CEA List will be providing expertise in complex model engineering and ESTACA will be contributing its expertise in transport and the optimisation of onboard systems.

This partnership meets strong industrial demand for expertise, which is lacking today, in transport system modelling. It will also cultivate scientific excellence through jointly-managed theses and contributions to French and international calls for projects.

Finally, the team is also looking to develop an “initial training” section on CEA List model-based engineering tools (Papyrus and its specialisations), either by including it for 5th-year students as an Onboard Systems option, or by jointly managing student projects across several years.

Based on the Paris-Saclay campus, close to the leading digital organisations in the region, this team will help ESTACA to make its mark in the region.

*About the CEA LIST: Based in Saclay, the List is an institute in CEA Tech, the technological research department of the CEA. It conducts technological research into intelligent digital systems. Labelled “Institut Carnot Technologies numériques@Université Paris-Saclay (TN@UPSaclay)”, it contributes to the development of corporate competitiveness. In the Paris region, the List brings together almost 800 scientists, engineers and technicians on issues of considerable economic and social importance.



Whether they are in France or abroad, in a start-up or a major company, in rail or aeronautics, internships at ESTACA are as varied as the subjects on offer. They are an integral part of courses and are spread over 1st to 5th years, totalling at least twelve months of corporate experience. Here is an example of some of the internships demonstrating the opportunities on offer at ESTACA…

In Japan, the RTRI (Railway Technical Research Institute) will be welcoming several interns in the field of structure, signalling and risk prevention. Students in the aerospace option will be joining the CNES, specifically mechatronics, on a project to install an “autonomous Martian Mini Rover”. Marianne will be flying to Honolulu for an internship in Astronomy at the university of Hawaii.

Airbus, Air France, Dassault, Safran, Zodiac Aerospace and plenty of other aeronautical companies recruit our students to work on technical issues but also on cross-disciplinary subjects such as quality, purchasing, production methods, etc.

A new Summer Program in aeronautics at ESTACA!


This summer, ESTACA is launching a new summer university devoted to fluid dynamics modelling tools for aeronautics. This one-month programme, entirely in English, entitled CFD Applications in Aeronautical Engineering aims at teaching student how to manipulate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools to understand and plan future aeronautics systems.

Designed specifically for international and French students with a 3-year degree in engineering or the sciences, the course includes academic sessions but also conferences and industrial visits. Taught by professors and teachers from industry, students will be working in a multicultural environment from July 3rd to 28th.

Post-Master Degree Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance : apply now!

vignette AOM fev2017 GBESTACA offers a new Post-Master Degree program in Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance that applies to Airline, MRO operators, Airport operators Aeronautical logistic and air manufacturing companies. The aim of this one-year program is to offer students the means to understand the organization and the economy of the air transport industry.

They will be in close contact with our partners Air France (Airline & MRO), Airbus Group, ADP (Aéroports de Paris), Zodiac Aerospace, so they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge directly to real cases.

The Air Rules are the cornerstone of this course and are studied with different approaches. The program is teached in english on our Paris-Saclay Campus in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Wants to know more about the program ? Don't miss the live interview on March, 9th 2017 on Campus Channel. Can not make it ... a replay will be available after the live event.

More informations on the program page

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