Embedded systems

Embedded systems


To develop the intelligence of transport systems and their integration into new mobilities via the design of embedded systems architectures that is demanding in terms of performances and operating security.

Examples of Applications

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems , autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, critical aircraft systems, autonomous drones.

Areas of Research

This topic deals with designing software architectures for real-time embedded systems. The goal is to model and optimize performances (time reponse, energy consumption, reliability and cost) of real-time software architectures for the quality of service (QoS) of an embedded system. The research activities include the optimization of the software components placement on hardware architectures by considering technological choices (communication bus, calculators, embedded sensors) and also by including the operating security constraint from the initial design phases.

Multi-core architectures are taken into account in the design/optimization phase, particularly issues relating to heuristic partitioning of the software on various cores and formal verification of its execution security. This optimization approach takes account of the integration and efficient management of V2X (vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-infrastructure, etc.) for designing modular and well-functioning embedded systems (Autosar standard, ISO 26262, DO 178).

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