ESTACA'Lab: innovating for tomorrow's transport

ESTACA’Lab is the laboratory that conducts the research work carried out at ESTACA. It develops research activities into innovative technologies for transport and mobility to respond to major societal and environmental challenges. It works to bring to light new technologies for green, sustainable and smart transport methods that are suited to new mobility systems.

ESTACA’Lab shares its research with professionals from the automotive, aeronautics, space and guided transports industries.

2 scientific divisions working to improve air quality, composite structures, embedded systems, energy and control in transport

ESTACA’Lab is comprised of two scientific divisions: Energy and Embedded Systems for Transport (S2ET) and Mechanical and Environmental Research (MSCE)..

Les compétences d’ESTACA’LAB peuvent être regroupées en quatre domaines, qui travaillent pour des transports propres, intelligents et sûrs.

Research in line with Teaching

Developing research activities has several goals in training student engineers:

  • To remain one step ahead of training content to be developed and serve as a privileged channel for exchanges between academic and industrial partners.
  • To develop a culture of research and development through direct contact with teacher-researchers and doctoral students.
  • To promote the reputation of the School by disseminating knowledge produced by highly productive scientific teams.
  • To develop ground-breaking national and international industrial and academic projects and cooperation.

A research strategy developed in partnership with industrial and academic partners

This strategy is based on developing industrial and academic partnerships aiming at working together over the long term, while sharing resources to envisage major (research-teaching) projects. It has strong territorial roots in the Paris Ile-de-France and the Pays de la Loire regions. These roots are based on cooperation with institutes and structures of excellence such as ITE VeDeCom VEDECOM (energy transition institute on the communicating non-carbon vehicle and its mobility) and IRT SystemX (technological research institute dedicated to the digital engineering of future systems) in the Paris region, and regional partners from the Pays de la Loire region. Involvement in competition clusters follows the same logic, with Mov’eo, Astech and Systematic in the Paris region, and EMC2 and iD4Car in the Pays de la Loire and the MER Bretagne Atlantique cluster.

ESTACA’Lab’s research strategy relies on leading-edge experimental resources in different scales (components, sub-systems, vehicle systems). These resources are used for both research and training.

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