How to collaborate

How to collaborate

ESTACA works with all types of industries and experts in new mobilities innovation. Discover the main partnerships available with our school below.
Our goal is to form “win-win” partnerships by meeting the needs, expectations and resources of each party.

Recruitment - Communication targeted to students - HR coaching

  • Internships & Employment.
  • Business forums where students and companies can meet on our campuses.
  • HR Coaching: Students benefit from your HR experts’ advice through workshops to help them find an internship or a job, or through job interviewing workshops.
  • Employer Events: introduce your company to students at specific events.
  • Promote your company to ESTACA alumni: Involve ESTACA alumni working for you during SpeedNetworking evenings, open days and other alumni events.
  • End-of-study internship presentations are open to the public and companies
  • Site visits.

Depending on the partnership, communications can be targeted to students, recent graduates, and/or the ESTACA engineering network (9,000 alumni).

Training / Take part in training your future employees

  • Study projects: suggest a study subject and supervise a group of students to find solutions to your industrial issues.
  • Teaching: promote your company and business with modules/lessons integrated into the curriculum.
  • ESTACKATHON or Serious Game
  • Continuing education: Continue to develop your employees’ skills with ESTACA.


For further information about corporate relations, please contact:

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