Acting for sustainable mobility

Acting for sustainable mobility

Sustainable development and energy transition at the heart of our concerns

Climate and energy transition represent a major challenge in the 21st century and tomorrow’s engineers are key in finding solutions so that societies can grow sustainably. Transport systems are one of the pillars in the environmental challenge that future ESTACA engineers, who create new technological solutions and new uses for tomorrow, will have to meet.

The aspect of Sustainable Development has been an integral part of our training and research activities for a dozen years. Our strategy in terms of respect for the environment is reflected in:

  • raising the awareness of our future engineers and training them in energy and climate issues,
  • developing associative projects directly related to current energy issues,
  • implementing research hubs and programs devoted to environmental issues,
  • internal management aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of our ESTACA campuses.

Training: providing the tools needed to develop transport in a sustainable way

A technological revolution is underway in the transport sector to accelerate the deployment of clean vehicles and limit polluting emissions, but also to develop intelligent, connected vehicles. Our ambition is to provide its students with all the tools to be actively involved in this evolution, today and in the future.

Student associations: projects in new mobilities

At ESTACA, association projects are an integral part of teaching. They are an opportunity for our students to work on concrete cases that take into account all the industrial constraints in terms of budget, teamwork, meeting deadlines, communication needs, etc.

Research: working towards clean, safe and intelligent transport solutions

The ESTACA’LAB research center conducts research into innovative technologies for transport and mobility to respond to major societal and environmental challenges. It works to bring to light new technologies for green, sustainable and smart transport methods that are suited to new methods of mobility.

Campus: Towards responsible facilities that reduce our carbon footprint

Raising awareness of future engineers also means environmentally friendly management on the two ESTACA campuses in Paris Saclay and Laval. Management, staff and students are working together to help reduce the environmental footprint of our institutions.

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