Automotive Engineer

Environment, security, comfort, reliability and energy optimisation – these are the main areas being researched by manufacturers in the automobile sector for designing the new vehicles of the future.
Equipment suppliers and large manufacturers need engineers for producing new products, new technologies and new manufacturing processes, and also for performing tests, organising production and researching the market.

Specialised training and privileged contact with companies

ESTACA’s “Automobile” specialisation provides preparation for all of these jobs. Specialised training and privileged contact with companies more than 400 hours of training provided by engineers from Renault, PSA, Valéo, Bosch, Faurecia, etc.

At least 4 implementation projects for developing work in project mode, as part of a team and promoting the spirit of innovation. Some examples :

  • preliminary project on the architecture of future vehicles
  • design of a braking system for a given vehicle;
  • development of a low-consumption engine to meet the requirements of the Shell eco-marathon.

12 months of mandatory work-experience courses, for example:

  • Discovering the company course in the 1st year at the Motor Museum: renovating old engines.
  • Engineer’s work-experience course in the 4th year at PSA-Peugeot Citroën: research for acoustic insulation of automobile passenger spaces
  • End of studies work-experience course” in 5th year – optimisation of stress lanes for an automobile structure for weight improvement in ISO performance for crash tests at PSA Peugeot Citroën an “automobile dynamics” laboratory in support of lessons.

Main partners

Associations for Expressing your Interests

The PV3e and its propulsion : 2,701km with 1 litre of petrol! An association that designs and builds energy-efficient vehicles for taking part in Shell marathons where the aim is to travel a maximum distance with 1 litre of petrol.

Let’s invent the transport of tomorrow : This association designs innovative vehicles and creates prototypes.

A racing team for automobile sports enthusiasts : Jema by ESTACA  lets students take part in the life of an automobile racing team.

RACE restores old vehicles and organises the “Grandes Ecoles” rally.

Enthusiasm for 4L : Estacatrelle bring together 4L enthusiasts for rallies.

Those who enjoy go-kart racing are grouped within EMOS.

The main employers of ESTACA engineers in the automobile sector PSA, Renault, Bosch, Valeo, Faurecia, Delphi

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