Train your staff

Train your staff

Preparing today for tomorrow's technological developments

With their experience training engineers in the aeronautical, automotive, space and rail and guided transport sectors, ESTACA’s experts are also available in companies. Faced with a rapidly changing environment, they need to constantly adapt their structures and people. Our training courses are designed to accompany engineers, managers and technicians in mastering new transport engineering techniques and technologies.

ESTACA offers:

  • Inter-company training and intra-company courses designed with you and for you.
  • Custom solutions based on the company’s specific needs.
  • Certified courses.
  • Sandwich courses, offering courses alternated with professional placements.

Through our training, our objective is to support personal development and professional performance by providing the appropriate response to your needs and constraints.


Sylvain Zlizi
Head of Continuing Education
+33 (0)1 76 52 11 56
Florence Leloir
Continuing Education Officer
+33 (0)1 76 52 11 39
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