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Two new graduating classes

13 April 2022

On Saturday, March 26, two graduation ceremonies were held at the Maison de la Mutualité: the 2020 and 2021 graduates were finally able to meet and celebrate the end of their studies!
Several speakers, teachers at the School and/or alumni took the floor during the ceremony to congratulate the graduates.

414 new graduates for the class of 2020

The class of 2020 was sponsored by Patrick Michel, ESTACA alumni and doctor in astrophysics at the CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique.

This year’s class included 414 engineering graduates, 15% of whom were women. A record number in ESTACA’s history, (there were 379 in 2019 and 265 graduates in 2016). ESTACA has seen rapid growth over recent years, the result of both the high demand for engineers in our areas of specialization and the attractiveness of the School.

Most of the graduates graduated from the aeronautics program:

  • 191 in the aeronautics program (46%)
  • 150 in automobiles (36%)
  • 37 in space (9%)
  • 36 in rail (9%)

The number of graduates already working remains high: 90% are currently in a job. 83% of them are on permanent contracts.

… and 411 graduates for the class of 2021

The class of 2021 was sponsored by Yann Barbaux, Senior Vice President at Airbus.
This year’s class boasts 411 graduates, mostly in the aeronautics program. There has been a significant rise in the number of graduates in the space sector:

  • 178 in the aeronautics program (43.5%)
  • 128 in automobiles (31%)
  • 67 in space (16.5%)
  • 38 in rail (9%)

Many graduates are already working, despite the pandemic: 76% were working 1 month prior to the graduation ceremony. 71% have permanent contracts.  47% were hired by the company where they did their internship, a great springboard for entry into professional life.

The graduation ceremony was also an opportunity to award diplomas to the students of the Specialist Masters  ‘Aeronautical Operation and Maintenance’ and ‘Embedded Lightning Systems’ and ‘Motorsport Engineering & Performance’.

What do the two years have in common?

More than 92% of graduates are satisfied with their training at ESTACA.

7 graduates rewarded at the ESTACA trophies

At the graduation ceremony, ESTACA rewarded students who put forward interesting academic, associative or personal projects during their training, as part of the ESTACA Trophies.

There were three categories this year: Aeronautics and Space, Ground Transportation and Commitment.

For each category, several students were nominated, from which one winner was selected.

Aeronautics and Space category

Class of 2020

The winner is Marie-Caroline Ménage, from the aeronautics program, actively involved in school life, always present at events and also in the ESTACARS automotive project which aims to design and build a vehicle to compete in the international Formula Student challenge. As the ESTACARS project manager, she contributed greatly to making the project known and valued.

Class of 2021

Baptiste Jagoury, a graduate of the aeronautics program, started the Green Turtle project, a robotic turtle that cleans the seabed, and is designed to collect plastic waste in ports. The prototype is now in the production phase and the project has enhanced the School’s reputation through good media coverage and various awards. Baptiste was actively involved in the life of the school and in the aeronautics association of Laval, Flying West. He organized conferences and social events and moderated the French Fab event in Laval and the UEM 53 Laval for Mayenne companies event last September.

Land Transport category

Class of 2020

The 2020 winner is Théau Haslin. A graduate of the automotive program, Théau launched the JEMA project with the Jema by ESTACA team – French track champions.

JEMA BY ESTACA is the first student team to participate in a full season of the TTE (Trophée Tourisme Endurance) championship in the Free Racing category. The team was runner-up in the 2018 proto’cup. After a full season, the team also finished CM champions (motorcycle engine prototype).

Class of 2021

There are two tied winners:

Antoine Delahaye, a graduate of the Automotive program, was president of the PV3e, the Energy Vehicle Project which competes each year in the Shell Eco Marathon (a race to drive as far as possible on the equivalent of one liter of gasoline) and as a very active member of the ESTACA Formula Team, an association that designs and builds a vehicle for the Formula Student, an international student competition. He spent a semester abroad at the University of Southampton. An excellent student, he completed a dual Master of Science degree at Imperial College of London and was then selected by the German Formula 1 Mercedes Grand Prix team for a gap year. He now works for the British Formula 1 team, Williams Racing.

Erwan Bougeant, an Automotive graduate, was president of the ITD association in 2018-2019 and started the JEMA project with Theau Haslin. He did a gap year at Michelin Motorsport and now works for Michelin.

Commitment category

Class of 2020

The winner is Mathieu Poirel, a graduate of the automotive program and very active president of the PV3e, ESTACA’s Energy Vehicle Project, which designs and builds a vehicle that competes every year in the Shell Eco Marathon. He was also a very committed and constructive president of the FAE (Federation of ESTACA Associations) and helped many projects for the associations and for the School to progress. He continued his studies in MS at SKEMA Business School. Today, he works in a startup created in 2016, Thank You whose mission is to help companies and individuals evolve towards smarter mobility.


Class of 2021

The winner is Sarah Cromer, a graduate of the Automotive program. She switched from the aeronautics program to the automotive field in her 4th year. She got involved in several associations such as PEGASE, the association encourages a love of science in primary schools, ITD, Estacars and JEMA. She received the 2019 CEDFI Ingénieuse Award, which recognizes the most inspiring engineering student’s journey for future generations. She represented students at the launch of the French Fab tour alongside the Secretary of State and the President of the region and was welcomed at the Ministry during the launch event of the “Big Tour” organized by the BPI and the Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration. She was also selected to speak at the TedX Women in the Automotive sector at the 2018 Motor Show.

Congratulations to all the winners of the ESTACA 2020 & 2021 Awards!

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