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ESTACA named 2023 Best School Experience by Speak & Act

23 March 2023

ESTACA is ranked the 8th engineering school with the best student experience in Speak & Act’s Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer.

A survey based on student reviews

Speak & Act, an employer and school branding platform, rates companies and schools offering the best employee, trainee, candidate and student experience in order to inform, support and guide students and candidates towards the right employer and the right school. The “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer” label and ranking is based exclusively on student reviews collected by means of an anonymous questionnaire, to ensure impartiality and independence.

Professional experience once again in the spotlight

This is one of ESTACA’s key themes, making it a school that is recognised not only by its students but also by companies.

  • 83% of our students are satisfied with their school/company relationships and feel that these provide them with professional opportunities (internships, first jobs, etc.).
  • Our students feel that the school offers many internship opportunities, with a satisfaction rate of 81%.
  • Our students feel that their institution offers them a professional academic pathway (options, inter-campus exchanges, international dimension, etc.) with a satisfaction rate of 77%.

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