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Rankings published in the press should be taken with care. Depending on the survey methods and criteria used, results differ greatly from one medium to another and from one year to the next. They do not always reflect the actual level of the schools. Surveys are often based on information provided by schools that is not easy to verify. Rankings also value some criteria more than others and often compare things that are not comparable. Journalists like Karine Darmon in Studyrama explain “In short, it's like comparing one sector of activity to another, some seeing more growth than others, some changing from one year to the next according to economic needs. The trend currently favours the IT, energy and construction sectors. Should niche sectors, and hence schools with more specialized education, which offer promising jobs and guarantee a professional career, be omitted?"

Below you will find some rankings in which ESTACA has been mentioned, for information purposes, but they are highly varied and reductive compared to the reality of the resources at ESTACA and the School's reputation among the industries in our sector.

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  • Usine Nouvelle 2019: ESTACA among the ten top schools for graduate salary

Usine Nouvelle 2019: ESTACA among the ten top schools for graduate salary


ESTACA appears in the TOP 10 engineering schools offering the best starting salaries to young graduates, according to the Usine Nouvelle ranking.

All the indicators concerning the professional insertion of young ESTACA graduates, at the heart of the School’s commitment, are excellent: 95% of young engineers find a job within two months of graduating and of them, 92% have a full-time permanent contract.

Another figure which merits attention but is not included in the rankings: +90% of students find work even before they graduate! It says a lot about the ties fostered between the School and companies and its close links with the industrial transport sector. Furthermore, graduates’ salaries in their first job are significantly higher this year. This is a strong sign that the transport sector is doing well and also that the expertise of ESTACA is recognized and valued by professionals.

The School ranks 33rd in the general rankings out of 130 French engineering schools, compared to 8th by the same paper in 2018.

This drop needs to be put into perspective and care should be taken when looking at rankings that depend a lot on biases in the chosen indicators and coefficients that lead to considerable variations from one year to the next.

Over-valuing of the criterion of entrepreneurship this year penalized ESTACA, although its results were better than in 2018 (Usine Nouvelle doubled this coefficient in 2019, whereas the recruitment salary coefficient was reduced).

The coefficient given to the international dimension was increased. Obviously, final-year students are less involved internationally for their first career experience. This can be partly explained by the energy and health of the transport and new mobilities sector in France.

Finally, in order to enhance student management and innovation in teaching, in 2018 ESTACA recruited several additional teachers not necessarily involved in research, to focus on accompanying the students. For Usine Nouvelle, the number of teachers conducting research is a quality criterion for the School. The ratio of teachers to teacher-researchers at ESTACA remains excellent, but fell compared to 2018, which penalized the School in the rankings. This does not represent the dynamism of ESTACA'Lab and researchers working on projects that prefigure the mobility of the future.

The indicators concerning professional insertion of students remain remarkable. On this parameter, ESTACA ranks 6th overall.