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Usine Nouvelle 2023 ranking: ESTACA moves up 9 places

19 January 2023

Out of 131 French engineering schools, ESTACA is ranked 18th overall and 9th out of 74 third-level engineering schools (compared to 27th and 13th respectively last year).

The Usine Nouvelle rankings are based on public, certified data from the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI) and the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d’ingénieurs (CDEFI). It places particular emphasis on the integration of graduates into the jobs market. Four main criteria are taken into account: integration, international dimension, proximity to companies and research.

Integration, a key criterion at ESTACA

One of the strengths of engineering schools, and ESTACA in particular, is the quality of the integration process. The School ranks 12th overall and 9th among third-level engineering schools on this criterion, which includes data about the percentage of graduates who found a job quickly, on a permanent contract and the average annual salary of young graduates. A minimum of 12 months of internships during their studies, professional teachers (70% of teaching staff), and academic projects with companies are all assets that provide ESTACA students with pragmatic experience of the working world and the sectors they are aiming for after graduation.

International, another of ESTACA’s strengths

Another very important criterion at ESTACA is the international dimension. The school is ranked 18th overall and 10th among third-level engineering schools. A semester in one of the sixty or so partner universities, an internship in a company in 4th or 5th year, a gap year (via a VIE for example) are just some of the possibilities for going abroad. The goal: to acquire intercultural skills, improve language skills and develop an international network with a view to working abroad in the transport sector, which recruits many French engineers.

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ESTACA : 9e école d'ingénieurs Post-Bac
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