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Rankings published in the press should be taken with care. Depending on the survey methods and criteria used, results differ greatly from one medium to another and from one year to the next. They do not always reflect the actual level of the schools. Surveys are often based on information provided by schools that is not easy to verify. Rankings also value some criteria more than others and often compare things that are not comparable. Journalists like Karine Darmon in Studyrama explain “In short, it's like comparing one sector of activity to another, some seeing more growth than others, some changing from one year to the next according to economic needs. The trend currently favours the IT, energy and construction sectors. Should niche sectors, and hence schools with more specialized education, which offer promising jobs and guarantee a professional career, be omitted?"

Below you will find some rankings in which ESTACA has been mentioned, for information purposes, but they are highly varied and reductive compared to the reality of the resources at ESTACA and the School's reputation among the industries in our sector.

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  • ESTACA ranks 8th out of the 130 French engineering schools

ESTACA ranks 8th out of the 130 French engineering schools

Usine Nouvelle February 2018 ranking


The Usine Nouvelle ranking is based on data published by the CTI and takes account of graduates in professional jobs, entrepreneurship, international presence and research.

It ranks ESTACA 8th out of all engineering schools and in 2nd place for post-bac schools.

This magazine for industrial players places great importance on the professional prospects criteria, historically one of ESTACA’s strengths.

For example, of the last batch of graduates, 90% of students were employed before graduating. One student in two found a job in the company where they did their internship. The rapidly changing transport sector is crying out for experts and the specialist training offered by ESTACA meets this demand perfectly.

In its 2014 survey of industrialists, ESTACA ranked first for the adaptability of its student engineers to the needs of industry.

Read the ranking and select the proposed criteria HERE