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Ecological Transition: a key issue at ESTACA

24 May 2020

Climate and energy transition represent a key challenge in the 21st century and tomorrow’s engineers will have to find solutions so that societies can grow sustainbly. Transport systems are one of the pillars in the environmental challenge: controlling energy and raw material consumption, limiting polluting emissions, respecting the environment, congestion in urban areas, the fight against greenhouse gases and global warming: these are all challenges to be met by future ESTACA engineers who will help to design technological solutions and new uses for tomorrow.

ESTACA has integrated this Sustainable Development dimension into its training and research activities for the past ten years and is ready to meet the new challenges highlighted by the current crisis. Energy transition at ESTACA looks at four main issues:

  • raising awareness and training future engineers in energy and climate-related issues: courses in New Energies and the Environment, Vehicle Lightening, Eco-mobility and numerous academic projects.
  • the development of associative projects directly linked to current energy issues (energy vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell, waste cleaning robot, hyperloop capsule, etc.).
  • the implementation of research centres and programs devoted to environmental issues, particularly air quality, on-board energy storage and management, weight reduction and on-board systems
  • an internal management system that aims to further reduce ESTACA’s ecological footprint
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