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ESTACA On The Salt: an electric dragster capable of reaching 400 kph


Around twenty ESTACA students have been working on this highly ambitious project since 2014: building an electric dragster capable of reaching 400 kph The team is planning on pulling off an achievement at the 2017 Speed Week in Bonneville, a mythical race taking place in north Utah, United States.

Every year over one week, almost 1 500 vehicles come to beat speed records in front of over 600 000 spectators. This will be the first time that a 100% electric French vehicle will be competing.

The vehicle and the project were presented on the ESTACA stand at the Motor Show.


actu EIW2016 GBThe aim of this international event concerning the field of Green Transportation was to bring together ESTACA Partners in order to strengthen relationships and to initiate new collaborative research projects. It has also give the academic and administrative staff the opportunity to discuss subjects of common interest related to teaching and international partnerships. We received about 40 participants from companies and foreign universities from Canada, China, Greece, India, Italy, Morocco, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The participants were able to assist to plenary session on “Challenges in Sustainable Mobility”, poster sessions, and scientific sessions on mechatronics, particle matters, materials and electrical/hybrid vehicle. ESTACA’s partner companies were also present as Flying Whales, SPARK Racing Technology, GRUAU, VALEO, EMC2 Cluster, CEMCAT and SNCF. A study abroad fair was also held in Laval and Paris-Saclay campus were some of our partners and future partner universities as HAN Arnhem University (The Netherlands), Notherwestern Polytechnical University (China), Manipal University (India), Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom) and other were able to present to ESTACA’ students their different opportunities.

Researchers and teachers from ESTACA and partners were able to discuss potential research project, research internship and thesis under joint supervision. An exchange agreement for students, teachers and researchers was signed between ESTACA and AIAC (Académie Internationale Mohammed VI de l’Aviation Civile) in Morocco. ESTACA is also under discussion with Heriot-Watt University to sign an agreement for Master degree abroad and with Université International de Rabat (Morocco) for an exchange agreement.

This first ESTACA’s International Week was really intense and productive for ESTACA and its partners and we are looking forward for the next one in 2019.

Embedded Lighting Systems Advanced Master: apply now!

logo elsThree major French Engineering Schools in Transportation Engineering (ESTACA), Optical Sciences (Institut d’Optique Graduate School) and Design (STRATE – Ecole de design) join their experience in engineer training to develop a new high-level international Advanced programme designed for training cross-skilled engineers for the field of vehicle embedded lighting systems.

The training structures are strongly connected to research and actively supported by industrial players.

Apply now to this new high-level international training curriculum

More information on the program's page

ESTACA Paris-Saclay Campus in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

sqy estacaA new ESTACA campus, will open in September 2015, in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, 5 min. from the station, in a town with ideal facilities for students in terms of accommodation, university restaurant, sports, culture, etc.

Located west of Paris, 10 minutes from the Château de Versailles and 30 min. from the Eiffel Tower, the new campus offer a wonderful environment for students on international programs.
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, located in the Paris-Saclay cluster, is the second economic hub west of Paris, and houses a great deal of industries in the transport sector and academic and scientific partners in phase with issues in the transport and mobility sectors. Many French "grandes écoles" and universities have set up here and together make up the Université Paris-Saclay, of international reputation, forming the training and research pole of the Paris-Saclay technological cluster, a sort of Silicon Valley "à la française".

Post-Master Degree Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance : apply now!

vignette AOM fev2017 GBESTACA offers a new Post-Master Degree program in Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance that applies to Airline, MRO operators, Airport operators Aeronautical logistic and air manufacturing companies. The aim of this one-year program is to offer students the means to understand the organization and the economy of the air transport industry.

They will be in close contact with our partners Air France (Airline & MRO), Airbus Group, ADP (Aéroports de Paris), Zodiac Aerospace, so they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge directly to real cases.

The Air Rules are the cornerstone of this course and are studied with different approaches. The program is teached in english on our Paris-Saclay Campus in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Wants to know more about the program ? Don't miss the live interview on March, 9th 2017 on Campus Channel. Can not make it ... a replay will be available after the live event.

More informations on the program page