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New Motorsport Training Program

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ESTACA is launching the first Post Master Degree in Motorsport Engineering and Performance in partnership with ORECA

To meet the growing demand for qualified personnel to work in motorsports, in September 2020 ESTACA is opening the first Post Master Degree in “Motorsport Engineering and Performance”. Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, it has been designed with the ORECA Group, a leading company in the motorsport sector. The first of its kind in France, the purpose of the MS® is to acquire high-level skills and expertise in the field of motorsport.

A unique program 100% in English to work in the field of motor racing

The goal of the Post Master Degree "Motorsport Engineering and Performance" is to train in design, optimisation and organisation of all technical solutions in the field of motorsport but also to master the specific production and manufacturing methods used in the sector. This Master's degree will meet the human, technical and operational needs of companies working in the motorsport sector. Graduates of this MS® will be able to fulfil the demanding productivity and quality requirements of the motorsport industry. After several years of experience, graduates will be able to manage a team or a department and manage its budget.

The Post Master Degree "Motorsport Engineering and Performance" is a twelve-month program intended for students with a minimum of 4 years of higher education, or for working engineers wishing to acquire specialist expertise. Taught exclusively in English, the program consists of a first academic semester of 6 months which includes 7 course modules and a major application project within the facilities of ORECA Group, the program partner. The second semester will be devoted to the completion of a professional thesis prepared as part of a 4 to 6-month integration mission in a company. The issue studied will have to respond to a real concern of researchers in the Motorsport sector.

A program developed with ORECA, the European leader in the motor racing sector

This program has been developed with ORECA, a leading company working in all sectors of activity related to motorsports and in particular ORECA Technology, the "Engineering & Production" department containing all the know-how and tools required in project management, from the blank sheet to the finished product. The partnership includes construction of training content, joint teaching of course modules, the availability of business experts and premises for the “projects” part.