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  • Mov'eo will host the Imagine Mobility Forum at ESTACA

Mov'eo will host the Imagine Mobility Forum at ESTACA

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June 7th - ESTACA Campus Paris Saclay will host the Imagine Mobility Forum 2018 by Mov’eo

The 2018 annual convention of Mov'eo will be held at ESTACA Campus, the Graduate School of Aeronautical technology and Automotive Construction (Paris) on June 7th 2018. Every year, this event brings together over 300 major players of the R&D Automotive and Mobility sectors (60% of decision-makers) to facilitate the networking between participants and to conducts a prospective reflection on tomorrow's Mobility.

Visit ESTACA's Lab and Fablab, and discover our research topics on innovative technologies for transport and mobility: green transportation innovations, sustainability, smart and adapted to new mobilities.

Topics to the ESTACA session:

  • Fault control strategies for autonomous vehicle pacification
  • Collaborative design of embedded automotive mechatronics systems
  • Characterization and analysis of pollutants resulting from automotive transport infiltrating vehicle cabins
  • Acceptability study of a bike trajectory choice based on AIR QUALITY criterion

Topics of the other sessions:

  • Blockchain: the ultimate bypassing. New Eldorado for mobility or just a buzz?
  • Smart Grid: the key for electric mobility solutions?

Following the session, people can visit the ESTACA laboratories and Fablab.

Please find information on the global program here: https://pole-moveo.org/en/evenements/imagine-mobility-forum-2018/

To get an invitation, please contact