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China mission: new opportunities for academic exchange


The ESTACA management travelled to China in September to meet its partners and develop new exchanges. In Beijing, the delegation was received to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the partnership with Beihang or BUAA, the Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, the leading Chinese research institution in aeronautics and aerospace. Student exchanges have been numerous and frequent between the two institutions and this cooperation should intensify following the visit: exchanges of professors, development of shared research work or joint tutorship of theses and setting up of a dual diploma are intended.

In Xi’an, ESTACA signed a new partnership with the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) that will lead to exchanges between students and professors, joint research work (publications, colloquia, joint tutorship of theses, etc.) and eventually possibly also a dual diploma in composite materials, to mention the terms of a future partnership.

These three Chinese universities are highly favourable to developing relations with ESTACA and grants from the Scholarship Council will facilitate exchanges of students and doctoral students. They will be present at the international week organised by ESTACA at the Laval campus from 14 to 16 November to continue to discuss the development of privileged relations between the institutions.