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A brief look at personal routes

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A week of elective classes on the main challenges of mobility

From 8 to 12 January, a week of mandatory à la carte classes was offered 4th-year students concerning the major technological and societal challenges in the transport sector. How will digital tools support the evolution of industrial processes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Big Data? How should mobility be designed in smart cities? These elective modules were taught theoretically and practically and assessed by working professionals via design workshops, classes, site visits, hackathons, etc. The week is part of a policy of personalised learning developed by

ESTACA to better prepare students for their professional careers.

Goal: to confront students with the major transformations in the industrial sector

This mandatory 27-hour course (2 ECTS) on topics common to the four sections (automobile, aeronautics, rail, space) is geared towards innovation and the challenges of the future as part of a prospective approach that aims at better understanding the changing skills industry is looking for. The goal is to develop reasoning on emerging transversal topics that affect the mobility industry by going beyond the purely technical dimensions (taking account of the challenge in its entirety and looking at marketing, innovation management, design thinking, etc.). In total, 11 training modules are offered. All modules are taught by professionals, experts in their field, and working in major companies, start-ups, local authorities or schools.

This week is part of the “skills approach” and “personalised learning”

Implementing this week of elective classes is the result of ESTACA’s thinking about how its educational model should change in the face of transformation in industrial professions. Among the principles chosen to ensure the courses remain relevant to the skills sought, individual learning routes for student is a major avenue. This was made concrete in 2016 by the creation of optional modules (entrepreneur skills, airline pilot qualifications, motor racing). This week of electives is mandatory for all 4th-year students. It adds another educational layer to the programme which aims at training a new generation of responsible engineers, who will play an active role in the forthcoming technological and societal changes.