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To Acquire Concrete Knowledge within the Industrial Worlds


One of the strengths of ESTACA is its proximity to companies. The goal is to enable all students acquire concrete knowledge in line with current issues in the industrial world. Corporate work experience, teachers mostly from the professional world, projects proposed by industry and site visits all contribute to providing training in the concrete challenges of the transport industry.

To understand the reality of an engineer’s job from the inside, the School organises classes within companies, and specifically for 5th-year students who spend a week in Toulouse. On 22nd March last, it was 3rd-year students from the Paris-Saclay campus who spent half a day visiting industrial sites. Thirteen companies hosted small groups: Alstom, RATP Dev, Valeo (2 sites), la DGA (French Army), Hutchinson, Sogeti High Tech, Sopra Steria, G2métric, FEV, Airbus Defence and Space, Heli-Union, ADP/AFMAE and ONERA.

These visits were an opportunity to discover how companies operate and the latest innovations they are working on. The companies opened the doors of their laboratories, research centres, aerodromes, wind tunnels, Digital’Labs, virtual reality rooms, etc., providing a concrete addition to notions learned in class. The visits are also an opportunity to exchange directly with professionals through the presentation of various engineering jobs, recruitment opportunities and work experience and to see examples of the careers of former ESTACA graduates working in these companies.

This year, site visits were offered to 3rd and 4th-year students from both ESTACA campus, thanks to the support from our partner companies and the investment of their teams organising these events.

Heartfelt thanks to them all!