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  • Apprenticeship Tax

Apprenticeship Tax

The object of the apprenticeship tax is to enable companies to participate in the funding of initial professional training. It is calculated on the payroll of the company and is paid to the school or schools of their choice.

ESTACA is a financially independent association, governed by the law of 1901. The apprenticeship tax is an important resource that contributes in particular to the development of educational and research activities.

Collection of the 2018 tax has started, with the deadline fixed for February 28th 2018.

What to pay?

The apprenticeship tax can be paid by companies in the form of discretionary spending deducted from the tax owed.

ESTACA is authorised to collect the apprenticeship tax for category B of Hors Quota.

How to pay?

All payments must now pass through an approved collection organization.
The collection organization “AGIRES” can provide you with all the elements required to make your payment (www.agires.com).

You may go through another collection organization if you wish. In any case, you only need to designate ESTACA as the beneficiary on your payment form. The collection organization will send you a receipt.

Contact apprenticeship tax :

If you have any questions about the apprenticeship tax, please do not hesitate to contact :
Corporate Relations Coordinator - ESTACA

+33 1 76 52 12 43

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