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A New Partnership with Airbus Atlantic

11 July 2022

ESTACA has signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Atlantic, the new Airbus subsidiary resulting from the combination of Airbus’ aerostructures activities with those of its subsidiary Stelia Aerospace.

Airbus Atlantic is the world’s number 2 in aerostructures, number 1 in pilot seats and is one of the world’s top three companies for premium passenger seats. It has more than 13,000 employees on three continents. Its management and central functions are based in Toulouse. Within Airbus Atlantic, there are, among others the two Airbus sites in Loire-Atlantique and the Stelia Aerospace site, based in Saint-Nazaire.

On 23 June, the company invited the seven engineering schools to its Toulouse site to join the panel of its preferred schools. Alongside ESTACA, the following were present: Centrale Nantes, ISAE-SUPAERO, ISAE-ENSMA, IMT Atlantique, EIGSI, ESLI.

During the exchanges, Airbus Atlantic reminded everyone of the importance of working alongside engineering schools to develop the women and men engineers who will be the talents of tomorrow.

« ESTACA is very proud to strengthen its links with Airbus Atlantic by becoming one of the company's official partners. Signing this agreement will strengthen our existing collaboration by developing a special relationship between ESTACA students and Airbus Atlantic. »
Arnaud Marfurt
ESTACA President, expressed ESTACA's satisfaction with this partnership

The partnership will provide students with numerous exchange opportunities: site visits, conferences, presentations by Alumni employees of the company, participation in company forums, simulated job interviews, industrial projects, etc

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