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Guanting SU, Student from “Beihang University” (China)

guanting su webAt first I chose France as an ideal country for a study-abroad experience because this country is quite advanced in the field of aviation. Another thing that attracted me to ESTACA was its AAD program.

I had always wanted to train my skills with computers as it plays a more and more important role in modern industry. So AAD (Automotive & Aeronautics Design) was just what I want! I definitely have spent a great time during these four months. The AAD program has expanded my knowledge and practical skills on CFD, FEM and so on. It has also provided me with a chance to know more about different characteristics of the engineering education system in France, which pays more attention on standardization, replaceable personnel, etc.

After my stay in France, I gained a wider view of my professional field and now I know in which specific field I should work harder to gain expertise. The best ‘souvenir’ would be those beautiful pictures, valuable documents and above all, a beautiful memory of what ESTACA has done for me.