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Positioning – Mechanics of Composite Materials and Environment Department

 This department is developing its activities on two themes: innovative materials and composite structures and analysis and reduction of polluting emissions with a focus on the environmental factor

1. Innovative Materials and Composite Structures activity

This activity is organised into two topics:

  1. Eco-composites in structural design
  2. smart materials and structures

a) Eco-composites in structural design

This theme covers the whole life-cycle of the material: from manufacturing the fibre to recycling the structure.

Its objectives are:

  • Promote the use of eco-composites of low environmental footprint in the transport domain (particularly structural parts);
  • Control the influence of the manufacturing process on the physicochemical properties (micro-structural) and on mechanical characteristics;
  • Experimenting, developing numerical simulation and improving materials behaviour in quasi-static, under impact, at dynamic tests under a controlled environment.

b) Functional materials

The requirements of this topic are:

  • Study and design composite materials including specific functions such as acoustic and vibration absorption or damping and electrical conductivity or resistance;
  • Study the impact on the mechanical strength and manufacturing processes when these specific functions are introduced;
  • Study the problems related to composite/composite and composite/metallic interfaces, particularly from a thermal and manufacturing-process point of view.

modelisation essai fissurationcrackmodelling in mode I of a flax fibers /epoxy composite

2. Analysis and Reduction of Polluting Emissions activity

  • This theme focuses on:
  • The physics of aerosols;
  • The study of particulate deposit processes that come into play in the de-pollution of gas/particle mixtures;
  • The study on coupling between flow turbulent structures and the spatial-temporal movements of particulate pollutants.

epuration gaz blowbypurifying blow-by gas