Transport Engineering 4th Year - Space

    26 ECTS - 250 hours


    Launch vehicle design and architecture

    • Launch vehicle missions and architecture
    • Introduction to various types of propulsion
    • System and stage interfaces
    • Launch vehicle structures
    • Space mechanics


    • Aerodynamic coeffi cients of a wing profi le (incompressible, compressible subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic)
    • Study of elongated bodies in supersonic and hypersonic fl ows

    Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC)

    • Introduction
    • Software simulation piloting
    • Guidance and navigation
    • Electrical systems
    • Launcher steering

    Launcher programme

    • Introduction to current and future launchers
    • Management of a launcher system development program
    • Trajectory and performance
    • Calculation of loads and dimensioning
    • Introduction to current and future launchers>


    • Ground installations and tracking devices
    • Launcher Operating Reliability and safeguarding
    • Management of a launcher program in production

    Space projects