Transport Engineering 5th Year - Automobile

    30 ECTS - 272 hours


    New Energies and Environment

    • Automobile and environmental impact
    • 0D/1D modeling of energy systems
    • 3D simulations of fl ows applied to engine design
    • Metrology in the engine environment
    • Combustion engines (CO2 emissions, pollution control, etc.)
    • Hybrid and electric vehicles (architecture, impacts)
    • Hydrogen fuel cells

    or Light weight vehicles

    • Highspeed dynamics (high deformations)
    • Study of non linearities (materials, contact, instabilities)
    • Modelling of thin components
    • Optimisation of structures
    • Materials, products, process: high-performance steels, aluminium, composites
    • Multi-material assembly

    or Vehicle comfort

    • Additional science (acoustics, vibration, elasto-acoustic coupling)
    • Standards, noise sources, filtering elements
    • Perceived quality
    • Reduction and improvement of the sound and vibration environment
    • Ergonomics

    or Eco-design

    • Economic, environmental and regulatory context
    • Eco behaviour / Eco materials / Eco-design / Eco destruction

    or Embedded Systems

    • On-board IT and networks: Calculator electronics and industrial IT, real-time LINUX
    • Communication buses (CAN / LIN / FlexRay)
    • Mecatronic systems: Multi-physical modeling
    • Sensors / Actuators
    • Model engineering: Design of critical systems, 2662 standards, Autosar standard, Model-base code generation
    • Test and validation of on-board systems