Transport Engineering 4th Year - Aeronautics

    26 ECTS - 250 hours


    Regulation and Certification

    • The aims of technical regulation
    • Roles and functions of the regulator, certifier and operator
    • The various domains of technical regulation

    Flight mechanics

    • Flight equations
    • Flight phases and domains
    • Flight phase simulation

    Aeronautical structures

    • Presentation of the special features of business planes
    • Dimensioning of an aircraft (fuselage, wing components, attachments and panels for buckling)
    • Introduction to aeronautical composite materials

    Advanced aerodynamics

    • Aerodynamic coeffi cients of a wing profi le (incompressible, compressible subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic)
    • Study of elongated bodies in supersonic and hypersonic flows

    Turbojet integration and dimensioning

    • Dimensioning of rotating components
    • Functional modeling of engine components
    • Dimensioning the air stream
    • Combustion cycle
    • Engine integration


    • On-board electricity generation
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Fuel circuits
    • Avionics


    • General information on helicopters
    • Analysis of components (main rotor, rear rotor and blades)
    • Composite materials

    Aeronautical projects