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Post-Master Degree Motorsport Engineering and Performance

A unique program in France to meet the needs of the competitive motorsports sector

Competitive motorsports need qualified engineers specially trained to work in this sector. The Motorsport Engineering Performance Post-master’s degree answers this need with a course that builds high-level skills and expertise in the Motorsport sector.

This MS® program is offered in partnership with the French Federation of Motorsport, some modules are provided by the FFSA Academy in Le Mans.

AIM of the Post-Master Degree MOTORSPORT ENgineering and performance

Acquire the skills to :

  • Design, optimize and organize all the technical solutions;
  • Master and implement product manufacturing methods;
  • Take account of the productivity and quality imperatives of the Motorsport sector.

Program benefits

  • Teaching faculty heavily involved in the industrial sector;
  • Concrete and practical project-based approach.

Skills acquired during this post-master degree

  • Identify the different categories, race tracks and regulations in motorsport;
  • Use sensors, analyze signals, video imaging, use chassis or engine data acquisition analysis methods, adjust a chassis or engine, make recommendations;
  • Identify race vehicle architecture, make and analyze dimensioning calculations, pilot and analyze mechanical tests, propose new solutions, optimise a structure, get to know “new” materials;
  • Define aerodynamic principles, identify aerodynamic phenomena, conduct and analyze wind tunnel tests, use CFD for analysis, organize track trials;
  • Identify the architecture of a combustion engine, an electric, hybrid and hydrogen engine;
  • Analyze gearbox technology;
  • Identify the materials used in tyres, analyze tyre behavior, analyze the impact of tyres on performance;
  • Analyze pilot behavior, identify track safety;
  • Manage projects, write reports, communicate and speak in public.

Syllabus : 480 hours of academic coursework

(September to February)

6 months minimum of in-company operational training followed by a professional thesis defense (march to august)


  • Teaching modules assessed via exams and case studies;
  • Academic project & Professional thesis assessed via dissertation.

Job prospects

  • Engineering: chief designer, engineer, structural engineer;
  • Aerodynamics: CFD engineer, wind tunnel engineer, aerodynamic track engineer, design of (new) models;
  • Engines: chief engineer, engine support engineer;
  • Track operations: operating engineer, data engineer, performance engineer, track support engineer;
  • R&D: department manager/R&D activity, R&D engineer;
  • Management: technical director, technical project manager.

Post-Master degree Industrial partners : ORECA

Course breakdown: Lectures, case studies, team work project and management,
Language: English
Number of credits: 75 ECTS


This program is open to all foreign and French students holding a Master Degree (preferably in scientific fields, business master may also apply). Applicants proving 3 years of professional
experience should have completed four years of studies in an engineering (Master Level ot Advanced Bachelor). Applicants should have English language proficiency (TOEFL iBT: 91, TOEIC: 850 or IELTS: 6.5).

Location: ESTACA Campus Ouest, Le Castellet

Tuition fees:

Full Fees: 16 000€ (Euros)
Reduced fees: 14 000€ (Euros) for students graduating in the year of enrollment. For ESTACA Alumni, please contact

Application period: application is to be sent before July 30th for non-European students (visa requirements) and August 30th for European students.

Admission process: on-line on admissions.estaca.fr

Degree accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles http://www.cge.asso.fr/en

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