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Post Master Degree in Embedded Lighting Systems

A high-level international training curriculum for those wishing to specialise in the field of vehicle lighting systemslogo els

The vehicle lighting sector is currently undergoing major change with the development of new technologies like LED lights, as well as new and complex lighting systems functionalities. This changing landscape provides an opportunity to explore new avenues for innovation based on lasers, smart lighting solutions and new lighting functionalities. Therefore, three major Engineering Schools in Transportation Engineering (ESTACA), Optical Sciences (Institut d’Optique Graduate School) and Design (STRATE – Ecole de design) join their experience in engineer training to develop a high-level international Advanced programme designed for training cross-skilled engineers for the field of vehicle embedded lighting systems. The training structures are strongly connected to research and actively supported by industrial players.


In an integrated system from design to production, the programme associates creative design, optical and mechanical system design, simulation and virtual prototyping, embedded power and intelligence, as well as certification of systems embedded in the connected or autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Programme benefits:

  • Teaching faculty will offer a high-level international training curriculum for those wishing to specialise in the field of vehicle lighting systems.
  • A programme run by leading experts in the field of vehicle embedded lighting system sand perfectly suited to meet industry needs.
  • A programme heavily involved in the industrial sector and likely to hire new graduates


400 hours of academic coursework (september 1st to february 1st)

6 sessions cover Optics & Photonics for Lighting (run by Institut d’Optique Graduate School)

they include :

  • basic training in optics and photonics ; sciences, technology and applications of light sources including lamps, discharge tubes, LEDs, OLEDs and lasers ; photometry of sources and optical
  • systems, colorimetry ; Optical systems design and shaping of illumination using complex surfaces, light guides and diffractive optics ; computer assisted optical design ; 2D & 3D photometric
  • simulations, realistic and physico-realistic rendering of illumination and aspect, measurement and simulation of surface aspects, vision and cognition.

2 sessions cover Embedded Systems (run by ESTACA), they include :

  • Embedded electronic driving and régulation of sources ; hardware dimensioning ; servo controls, actuators, sensors including visible and infrared cameras ; Embedded energy management ;
  • electrical & electronical vehicle architecture ; Embedded intelligence for illumination and driving assistance ; system design and CAD.

3 sessions cover related technologies (run by ESTACA), they include :

  • Mechanics and materials : design and CAD, process including injection, Tools, assembly & platic welding, surface processing ; environment simulation : humidity, thermal, impacts & vibrations ;
  • Integrated design of embedded lighting systems, prototyping and industrialisation ; regulatory requirements : régulations and standards ; Patents and industrial property.

1 session covers Creative Design of Lighting Systems (run by STRATE), it includes:

  • industrial design, awareness, vocabulary, creativity

6 months minimum of in-company operational training followed by a professional thesis defense (february 1st to July 31) Professional thesis produced between February and September, with a minimum of 6 months, and professional thesis defense.


  • Teaching modules assessed via exams and case studies
  • Academic project & Professional thesis assessed via dissertation

Job prospects :

In a highly competitive international context, the program will meet the need for advanced skills of all players in the value chain: car manufacturers, lighting systems and components suppliers, and engineering service providers.

Industrial partners: Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Valeo and Automotive Lighting Rear Lamps

Course breakdown: Lectures, case studies, team work project and management,
Language: English
Number of credits: 75 ECTS

Location: The faculty will be based in Saclay, near Paris, in the heart of a high-growth area offering dense and diversified scientific and technological potential. Classes, tutorials and labs will be hosted at ESTACA (Saint Quentin en Yvelines) Institut d’Optique Graduate School (Palaiseau) and Strate – School of Design (Sèvres) (lien vers cartes)


  • This program is open to all foreign and French students holding a Master of Science (preferably in scientific fields). Applicants must prove an engineering degree recognized by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (Commission for Engineering Degrees), or a master degree or equivalent, or a foreign degree equivalent to one of those.
  • Applicants should have English language proficiency at the B2 level (minimum paper based TOEFL: 575 or TOEIC: 785)
  • A limited number of applications, not fulfilling the degree criteria but with outstanding

Tuition fees :

Full Fees: 13 000€ (Euros)
Reduced fees: 10 000€ (Euros) for students graduating in the year of enrollment. For ESTACA Alumni, please contact
Waivers for half or 100% of the tuition fees are possible for a limited number of self-sustained students

Degree accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (see: www.cge.asso.fr)logo ms cge

Admission process: the ELS post master is temporary suspended. A thinking work around this training content is in progress. A new opening is scheduled for September 2022.

Academic coordinator of the programme

More information : http://embedded-lighting.com/