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10 good reasons to choose ESTACA

top1bisESTACA is the only French engineering school providing training in 5 transport sectors: aeronautics, automobile, naval, space and guided transport systems.
Top2Because student autonomy and "learning by doing" are at the heart of pedagogy
Top3 Because ESTACA is one of the best post-baccalaureate schools according to the rankings of L'Etudiant and Usine Nouvelle
Top4Because 9 out of 10 ESTACA students find a job before graduating
Top5To be part of the many ESTACA engineers hired abroad who contribute to the influence of the "Made in France" know-how
Top6Because at ESTACA, girls are also passionate about cars
Top7For teachers-researchers who work for + green + smart transport
Top8Because both campuses work in partnership with companies
Top9Because we live well at ESTACA: personalized support, school spirit, solidarity, etc.
top10Because the school trains a new generation of engineers ready to innovate for the sustainable transport of tomorrow