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10 good reasons to choose ESTACA

1. ESTACA is the only French engineering school providing training in 4 transport sectors: aeronautics, automobile, space and guided transport systems.

2. After you have obtained the baccalaureate, ESTACA lets you concentrate on a practical course that builds your enthusiasm for constructing a professional career in accordance with your own interests.

3. ESTACA trains engineers who are operational and adaptable to tomorrow's technological developments through its courses that are in complete synergy with the requirements of the industry.

4. The school's research laboratories have high-technology equipment for teaching the skills necessary to the industry's current requirements.

5. ESTACA is part of the ISAE groupe with Sup'Aéro, Ensica, Ensma, Ecole de l'air.

6. The training provided by ESTACA is open to the world, multicultural and multinational

  • International experience is obligatory during the curriculum
  • many foreign students study at ESTACA
  • programmes in English are offered
  • there is the option to take dual international diplomas

7. Life is good at ESTACA

  • because each student is personally supported by the educational team
  • because of the spirit at the school and the solidarity between students
  • because of the option to study in Paris or in the provinces depending on your lifestyle choices

8. There are associations providing educational activities helping students to express their interests and acquire the team spirit necessary for working together within a company.

9. With a high level of recognition by professionals in the transport sector, ESTACA training leads to varied professional specialisations within tomorrow's business sectors. 80 % of the last gratuation ceremony found a job before getting their diplomas.

10. Admission for those finishing the scientific baccalaureate is via the "Avenir" competitive examination, common to six schools, which offers a unique and objective procedure.

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