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WAVE - West Association for Vessels of ESTACA

WAVE is a student technology association specialized in maritime issues.

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It proposes numerous activities in the nautical sector: Motorboat licenses, visits to shipyards, marine museums, excursions by kayak, sailing classes… and innovative technical maritime projects.

For example, members are taking part in the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco, an annual international competition to promote solution to meet future energy and environmental challenges in the maritime sector.

To take part in the race, around twenty students are working on the model and design of a cockpit, developing a propulsion system, integrating solar panels or installing electric motors on a catamaran.

A dozen students from the association are working on the Green Turtle project, a “turtle” robot to collect waste. 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year. The Green Turtle project, in collaboration with the German company Festo, the student association Wave and ESTACA, consists of building a “turtle” robot that can track and swallow waste at the edge of the oceans.

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Green Turtle Project
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