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Scientific experiments explained to the youngest

The association PÉGASE (Project of general awakening to the scientific activities in school) initiates the Children to science through simple and fun experiments.

PÉGASE Paris-Saclay intervenes every week in classes from CE1 to CM2 and also at the pediatric and rehabilitation hospital of Bullion every two weeks.

On the West Campus, the association transmits science in a high school and to sick childrens at the hospital of Laval.

Since 2001, a Senegalese branch of PÉGASE has been working on the territory in the local college. Every year, a 2 weeks humanitarian trip is organized to Senegal to visit their partner. They also take this opportunity to bring new experiments in the colleges of the cities of
Diourbel and Ngoundiane.

The association also participate in other events such as the Science Day, the robotics trophies and sustainable development day.

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Campus : Paris-Saclay in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Ouest in Laval

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