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iDrogen ESTACA - The fuel Cell Vehicule

The iDrogen association design and build vehicle and engine to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon. Highlight of the associative life, this race gathers each year the best teams of Europe.
Each year, iDrogen competes with one prototypes in the fuel cell category (Campus Ouest from Laval).

Campus Ouest iDROGEN ESTACA from Laval, Mayenne

iDrogen is a vehicle energy efficient engineering student project. Their objective is to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe. Each year, these students take part in the competition trying to break records in terms of energy consumption.

We have distinguished ourselves for several years by using hydrogen as an energy source and a fuel cell as an electric power generator. Silent, reliable and easy to use, this technology is particularly suited for competition. Recently, it has become a category in its own right.

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Campus : Ouest in Laval

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