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Guided Ways

guided ways

"Guided Ways", ESTACA rail student association aims to promote this sector and its many outlets. It constitutes a privileged link between students and manufacturers. Throughout the year, we organize numerous visits, conferences on cross-cutting themes and other significant events such as the annual Alumni Dinner, which allows us to get together with the alumni.

Focus on technical projects:

The first project hosted by Guided Ways is the construction of two railway driving simulation desks: a light and a heavy, mounted on jacks. This project, called Sardine, for educational purposes, supports students throughout their training.

Renard is the association’s second technical project. The aim is to build a miniature train circuit to simulate all the systems in the railway world (signaling, operation, infrastructure, etc.).

Our administrative team is made up of students and implements technical projects with dedicated work teams. Finally, we receive many stakeholders from the railway sector during afterworks.


Campus: ESTACA Paris-Saclay in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

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