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Flying West - Aeronautical Passion on Campus West

logo flying westWith 90 members, this association is mainly a group of enthusiasts aiming to help as many people as possible discover the world of aeronautics and share their passion.

Flying West works in 4 areas:

  • Discovery: Throughout the year, the association offers a range of student activities: Initiations on various aircraft (ULM, glider, plane, aerobatic glider, etc.), tours of interesting aeronatical sites (A380 assembly line in St Nazaire, aeronaval base, etc.).
  • Promotion: Flying West is committed to promoting aeronautics to the public through BIA courses for secondary school students in Laval, classes on aviation in primary schools, Sick Children Days, etc.
  • Training: Flying is a pleasure that not everyone can afford. For this reason, Flying West has developed partnerships with aeroclubs and ULM clubs in the Laval region, to offer pilot training at affordable prices.
  • Construction: With the “Demoiselle” project, this section was created to allow all members of Flying West to take part in concrete, motivating student projects. After building a flight simulator from an old twin-engine plane: a Piper Azteq, the members are now restoring a flying replica of a 1903 Santos-Dumont airship

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Address : Parc Universitaire Laval-Changé

Georges Charpak Street
BP 76121
53061 LAVAL Cedex 9

Campus : Laval


"Demoiselle" Project