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ESTACAIDE - The association dedicated to humanitarian projects

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ESTACAIDE has been working since 2001 to enhance children’s living conditions and in particular their access to school. Every year, a group of members spend over a month in a foreign country to provide physical and financial assistance to populations in need. Whether they are organising children’s workshops or working on a construction site, ESTACAIDE volunteers are committed to sharing their knowledge and their know-how. Following Vietnam for several years and then Madagascar, Cambodia is now the focus of the international mission.

Also very recently, a local action group was set up, specially devoted to the most vulnerable around us.

Missions with local associations such as the Secours Populaire Français, the Restos du Cœur and the Croix-Rouge are conducted all year round. Collecting food and clothing, ESTACAIDE volunteers provide help and support.

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Campus : Paris-Saclay in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Campus Ouest in Laval