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ITD is a student technology association. Its main vocation is to initiate its members in the design and building of original, sports vehicles: from the concept to the prototype’s first laps.

Several projects are in progress:

  • IVR-S: A racing prototype designed for driving pleasure. Driven by a 180hp engine, it weighs 600kg. Built in 2006, today the vehicle is used to discover maintenance and enhancement of a racing prototype.
  • ESTACA On The Salt: A 100% electric vehicle built to beat a world speed record at the Bonneville Speedweek in the United States in August 2017. Project members managed to bring a reliable, running prototype to the United States and reached the speed of 247 kph.
  • Jema By ESTACA: A 100% student race team to take part in a full season of "Coupe De France" FFSA "Endurance Prototype" category. . A Jema 630 GTR with a motorbike engine weighing 600kg and developing 200bhp is made available by the partner Jema Racing. On the schedule - multiple races during the year on France’s largest tracks; Le Mans, Nogaro, Magny Cours, etc.
  • Saar-e by ESTACA: The students of the Saar-e by ESTACA (Student Automotive Association Rally-Electric) project of the ITD association will form the first 100% student team team to take an electric car on the Africa Eco Race. This ecological and humanitary rally is an annual race which links Monaco to Dakar in about twenty days. ESTACA students will be engaged in the experimental category grouping hybrid, electric and ecological vehicles. The objective is to develop an off-road vehicle, compliant with FIA safety and racing regulations, efficient and competitive, equipped with two electric motors (110kw) for a range of 300km in special conditions.

The students can use these projects to develop their network and their soft skills in engineering, production, project management (management, planning, industrial relations and communication, etc.)

Since 2016, the association also offers initiations to members and ESTACA students enabling them to widen their technical knowledge: removal of engines, gearboxes, welding, boiler making, etc. Passing on knowledge is one of the association’s priorities.

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Campus : ESTACA West Campus


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