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BDA (Arts Association) Laval & Paris-Saclay


The Bureau Des Arts is a non-technical student association in Laval and Saint Quentin en Yvelines. Throughout the year, the BDA organises student events such as photo competitions, concerts, plays, etc.

Many activities are offered on the 2 ESTACA sites:

On the Paris Saclay Campus, the BDA proposes:

  • A drawing club for making posters, weekly drawing themes and a drawing competition.
  • A video club that is preparing two short films: a 5-minute ad and a 20-minute detective film. The films will be shown at the school.
  • A music club with two bands that rehearse every week and prepare concerts and recordings. The groups are also available to play at events (award ceremonies, galas, etc.). The club also offers free guitar lessons to ESTACA students on Thursday afternoons.
  • A photo club offering classes and themed outings, exhibitions, competitions and coverage of ESTACA student association activities.
  • A theatre group that offers acting coaching and preparation of a show with a professional theatre professor.
  • A journalism club is currently being studied, with the aim of starting an association journal describing and following the activities of the associations.

The BDA is a constantly changing association where each new student activity idea is studied carefully and proposed to all students on the campus.

On West Campus, the BDA proposes:

  • A music club: students can learn and play in a group to appear at the school but also in Laval (bars, concert rooms). Lessons are also offered.
  • A photo club: outings are organised (Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, Laval), students can cover events organised by the other associations, several themed competitions are organised throughout the year and beginner classes are provided.
  • A dance club: twice a month a rock ‘n’ roll dance session is organised. Instructor-led group lessons are also offered during the year.
  • A wine-tasting club: learn to taste wine by taking part in sessions organised by the Mayenne Oenology Club.
  • A cooking club: cooking workshops are organised for students.
  • A theatre club: workshops on technique and strategy for good public speaking. A play is put on in the second semester.
  • A book club: new for this year! Small reading groups are organised to discuss and debate literary works. A writing competition is organised on both campuses.

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Campus : Ouest in Laval and Paris-Saclay in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

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