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On-board Energies and Systems division

The On-board Energies and Systems expertise division is working on the emergence of technologies that work towards the development of means of transport that are more efficient, safer, more intelligent and communicate more, with delegation of driving. It also contributes to opening up new forms of mobility: use of innovative transport, acceptability, inter-modality and new services provided to users.

In a collaborative mode, the teacher-researchers provide their know-how and skills to respond, with academic and industrial partners, to technological breakthroughs in transport sectors that are currently undergoing profound transformation.

WEST Campus

Parc universitaire Laval-Changé
Georges Charpak Street -BP 76121
53061 Laval Cedex 9

Paris-Saclay Campus

12 Paul-Delouvrier Street
CS 20749 Montigny
78066 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

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