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Expertise in Mechanics of Composite Materials and Environment

1. Innovative Materials and Composite Structures theme

  • Vibro-acoustics of composite materials
  • Acoustics in guided environments: Calculation and measurement of TL and mouth noise, innovative concept of acoustic devices, impedance measurement, engine acoustics
  • Acoustic imaging: Intensimetry, beamforming , near field holography
  • Measurement of acoustic impedance in flat waves: Kundt tube
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Study on the behaviour of composite materials, structures and associated assemblies under dynamic rapid stresses (impact, crash), great distortion and fatigue
  • Investigation of damage and rupture mechanisms via optical methodologies and non-destructive tests
  • Fatigue behaviour of composite materials and structures.
  • Rapid dynamic coupling – fatigue
  • Mechanical characterisation under controlled environment (temperature, relative humidity)

fibre linlinFibre flax fibre

2. Analysis and Reduction of Polluting Emissions theme

  • Physics of aerosols
  • Study of particulate deposit processes coming into play in the de-pollution of gas/particle mixtures
  • The study on coupling between flow turbulent flows and the spatial-temporal movements of particulate pollutants, and transfer to walls
  • CFD in multi-phase flow
  • Granulometry

mesure particulesParticle measurement