Collaborative project – On-board Energies and Systems

    The on-board Energy and Systems division for transport (S2ET) is working through the following actions:

    • The ITE VeDeCom

    The "energy transition institute on the communicating non-carbon vehicle and its mobility" is one of the interdisciplinary platforms selected by the government as part of the "investment for the future" programme. The ESTACA is one of the founding members of this Institute, which brings together public partners and large industrial groups (PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Safran, Valeo...). Two collaborations are in progress on two subjects: the first relates to the multi-level multi-physical design of automobile mechatronic systems and the inclusion of the constraint concerning the reliability of on-board power converters in an electric/hybrid vehicle. The second concerns the robust control of variable-reluctance machines for driving electric vehicles.


    • The ELA project (electronic and automobile software) run by IRT System X

    The involvement of the S2ET division in IRT SystemX is currently taking place through a contribution to the ELA project (electronic and automobile software). This project is intended to meet the technological and economic challenges of the connected car and driving-assistance systems, by proposing a new on-board electronic architecture in the automobile and by building a modular environment for design and validation based on models. Our contribution most particularly concerns the "multi-core and parallel programming" task, which is intended to define a methodology for deployment of functional architectures on a multi-core architecture compliant with the AUTOSAR and ISO26262 standards. The project partners include Renault, PSA, Continental Automobile, Valeo, the CEA, Telecom ParisTech, and the Paris-Sud University.

    • An involvement in the steering committees of the competitive clusters (Mov'eo, Astech)

    The division has joined the strategic actions domain "mechatronic systems for vehicle electrification" run by Mov'eo and the thematic domain "on-board energy" run by the Astech division.