Transport Engineering 5th Year - Aeronautics

    30 ECTS - 272 hours


    Aeronautic architecture and structures

    • Economic, environmental and regulatory constraints
    • Systems engineering
    • Concurrent engineering
    • Dimensioning loads
    • Needs specification
    • Rupture
    • Fatigue
    • Damage mechanics
    • Non-linear dynamics
    • Materials for aeronautical structures (metals, composites)
    • Industrialization constraints (manufacture / assembly)
    • Qualification
    • Cabin and cockpit layout / ergonomics
    • Landing gear, engine, circuit integration

    Propulsion system and on-board energy integration

    • Propulsion system architecture
    • Interface management
    • Acoustics and Aero-thermodynamics
    • Nacelles (interface moteur/nacelle)
    • On-board energy systems (Management, optimization)
    • Safety and certifi cation

    Avionics and flight control

    • Architecture of avionics systems
    • Integration of avionics systems
    • Specifi cation, design and validation of sub-systems (flight controls, navigation, communication, surveillance)
    • Flight controls
    • Safety, reliability, maintainability constraints
    • Regulatory aspects

    Operation and Maintenance

    • Air Transport regulation
    • Aircraft airworthiness rules and procedures
    • Management of air space
    • Air operations rules and procedures
    • Systems maintenance and planned maintenance
    • Safety factor in air transport

    On-board Systems

    • Model engineering and critical functions
    • Code generation, non critical application
    • Critical application design, certifi ed code generation
    • Software verification and validation
    • On-board IT and secure networks
    • Calculators, on-board networks, ARINC standards, Electronics, Multiphysical modeling, on-board power management

    Operation and Maintenance (class 100% in English)

    • Air Rules / MRO and Airline Business Model / Security / Airport and Airline Ops / State Owned Aircraft/ Aircraft Maintenance / CAMO / Technical English and Project Management