Human sciences and Engineering culture 4th Year - Automotive

    10 ECTS - 90 hours


    • Introduction to quality
    • *
    • Process model and control graph
    • Certification and customer relations

    Applied statistics

    • Statistical inference (sampling and estimation)
    • Statistical process control
    • Experimentation

    Production management

    • Introduction to industrial company organization and environment
    • Production planning (flows, stock management, needs calculation)
    • Introduction to lean management

    Project managementt

    • Social behaviour in the company
    • Managing international projects
    • Structuring a project into tasks and phases
    • Business plan

    Company management, economy and strategy

    • Serious game

    Construction of a Professional and Personal Project

    • Formalization of the professional project
    • The network

    Modern Language 2

    • (optional)

    Job search and technical English