Human sciences and Engineering culture 3rd Year - Automative

    10 ECTS - 90 hours


    • Course according to language level

    Modern language 2

    • Course according to language level (German, Chinese and Spanish)

    Construction of a Professional and Personal Project

    • Group dynamics
    • Formalization of the professional project

    Applied engineering project

    • Introduction to project management
    • Functional and technical needs analysis (specs)
    • Operation condition
    • Application to product-process design
    • Application to an innovative project

    Sustainable development

    • Review of energy resources in the world and in France
    • Macro- and micro-economic analysis of the dependency on raw materials
    • Application to the transport of tomorrow

    Operating Reliability

    • Basic principles of reliability
    • Methods and tools for analysing complex systems (failure trees, FMEA, etc.)
    • Application to a project