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A Third ESTACA Campus in Bordeaux

News ESTACA Bordeaux

Alain Rousset, President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and Ludovic Busson, President of ESTACA, made the project to open a new ESTACA campus in Bordeaux by 2021 official at the Le Bourget air show.

This third establishment represents a new step in the development of the school which has seen a continuous rise in the number of students over the last few years. With 2,160 students on two campuses and an increasing number of excellent candidates, the School is experiencing positive growth with considerable appeal to students.

The transport sector is also facing an increased demand for engineers to cope with new challenges in mobility: digital transition, development of connectivity and electric motors, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, etc. A new campus will lead to more engineers and enable us to develop our course in line with emerging needs.

The decision to locate the campus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France’s 3rd aeronautics pole and a pioneer in new mobilities, was strategic to foster close new ties with industry. Bordeaux Métropole and the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine are essential pillars in the worldwide competition cluster Aerospace Valley “Aeronautics, Space and Onboard Systems”. With 140,000 jobs, 1,900 companies, 11% of people employed by members of GIFAS (Thalès, Dassault Aviation, ArianeGroup, etc.) and 1/3 of French aeronautics jobs, the region ranks as the third basin for jobs in the sector in France.