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Space, a Vibrant Sector

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Space is a transversal sector with numerous applications: satellite communication, earth observation, satellite navigation, space launchers or science and inhabited space flight. There are three separate markets: military & defence, science and commercial. While these fields have major challenges for research and development, the commercial market has seen the greatest change as it opens up to competition. The arrival of new actors, including start-ups, needing launches of constellations of mini or nano low-orbit satellites, is accelerating the technological evolution of this sector.

ESTACA students opting for the space option are trained to meet these new challenges. From the second year of a 5-year course, they attend specific aeronautics and space classes. They specialize in space in 4th year, and in the last year follow the Satellites, ATV and Re-entry Vehicles specialization. Partners such as Astrium, Arianespace, the CNES, Thales, etc. offer internships in their favourite sector and enable students to complete their studies with the required skills, sought after by companies. Some like Arthur Descamps for example, even complete their internship at NASA.

In ESO (the ESTACA Space Odyssey association), students can put theory learned in class into practice, designing, manufacturing and launching experimental rockets.

The conquest of space is international. The United States and Europe are the two leading actors, with France contributing with companies such as Arianespace. The space industry represents sales of 260.5 billion dollars, set to reach 1,100 billion dollars by 2030 and continue to rise.