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JEMA, a new motor racing competition

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An association from Laval, ITD, is taking up a new challenge; - to take part in one full season of TTE championships (Trophée Tourisme Endurance) in the Free Racing category. From April to the end of November 2018, the team “JEMA by ESTACA” will visit the 7 most prestigious French racing tracks (Nogaro, Magny Cours, Le Mans, etc.) with a JEMA 630GTR to face off against amateurs and professionals in sprint races. Organised as a racing team, the 19 students are preparing the vehicle, participating in the races, integrating data, etc.

ESTACA and the association students have signed a partnership with JEMA, a racing car manufacturer. The mission of the students is to enhance the vehicle’s current performance and prepare it for the forthcoming season.

The project is sponsored by Raphaël de Chaunac d’Oreca and Romain Dumas, a French racing driver. Several companies are following the project closely: Michelin, Oreca, Exa, Dam’s, etc.

Three studies are underway as part pf academic projects conducted in the engineering programme:

  • an aerodynamic study of the future vehicle, in partnership with EXA Corporation and Powerflow;
  • an optimisation study for the 2018 vehicle with driver training sessions with the company JEMA;
  • a study on the instrumentation to develop the sensors that will collect technical data about the vehicle’s handling during the championship races.