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  • Hybridizing energy storage: an innovative and efficient solution for electric vehicles

Hybridizing energy storage: an innovative and efficient solution for electric vehicles

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Presentation of the research conducted by Nassim Rizoug, ESTACA Lab Teacher-Researcher

Most car manufacturers currently use Lithium-ion technologies to power their electric vehicles. This type of battery frequently runs into issues, mainly in terms of range, cost and heat performance. For example, for application in motor sports, heating is considerable and does not allow for satisfactory acceleration.

The innovative solution developed at ESTACA is based on hybridizing the power source. This consists of using two complementary energy storage systems. For example: a Lithium-ion battery associated with a super-capacitor*, significantly enhancing the performance of the onboard energy storage systems in electric vehicles.

*What is a super capacitor? This is very powerful and efficient technology that is just starting to be used in transport, with a long life (1 million charge / discharge cycles compared to 2,000 to 3,000 for Lithium batteries).

The results of the research conducted by ESTACA’Lab show two main advantages to this innovative technology:

  • Lighter weight leading to energy savings and therefore cost savings (see mass/weight curve)
  • A net gain in the heat efficiency allowing for better performance and reduced constraints on the battery (below 300km range)

Nassim Rizoug has been working on this issue since 2007. He is now a renowned expert in this field. Several companies have worked with ESTACA’Lab (ESTACA’s research laboratory) on this project. Today, the school is cooperating with Gruau to optimise the power source and with motor sports partners working in Formula-e (Formula 1 championships for electric vehicles).
Students, future ESTACA engineers have also contributed by working on the issue as part of the end-of-studies projects in the ESTACA Reducing vehicle weight option.

Finally, four theses are being prepared on the issue of hybridization at ESTACA.

More than ever, ESTACA is key in creating and innovating in the mobility of the future, for cleaner, more economical and smarter transport.

Link to Nassim Rizoug’s article on the subject. He will be presenting it at the IBD LE MANS event.